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Debra Lynne,
Debra started writing poetry at age 5, and throughout adolescence was the go-to person for poetry homework. One of her friends nicknamed her "Dial-A-Poem", after a desperate phone call for help with a poetry assignment. She started playing piano at age 7, but after being introduced to the guitar by her camp counselor at age 11 and loving the sing-around-the-campfire scene, it occurred to her that it was easier to carry around a guitar than a piano, so her instrument of choice became the guitar. At 18 years of age, her love of poetry and music merged, and Debra wrote her first song. College provided the opportunity to sing radio commercials and play gigs at coffeehouses and bars, an enjoyment that continues to this day. It would be 20 years before her second song was written, but then the floodgates opened and a never-ending songwriting stream was born. After recording two cds of her original music ("A New Beginning" and "Sail Across the Water") and getting ready to start work on a third, Debra decided to build her own studio. (Debra figured she could get free recording time any time she wanted it.) She always wanted to own her own business, and can't imagine anything better than combining that with her love of music. Debra has become adept at arranging, recording, coaching and producing since opening the studio, and has played guitar and sung background vocals on several cds recorded at Tree House Studios besides her own. Debra's last two cds, "Sail Across The Water" and "Long Way Home", are available on cdbaby.com, iTunes, and many other internet stores, as well as at her live performances.
Melanie Fink,
Melanie is the drummer/backup vocalist for the all-female rock band Jackknife Stiletto, as well as the drummer for the funk band Sir FunKtion. With a BM in Music Education from Five Towns College, Melanie is a well-rounded percussionist, with experience playing in concert bands, marching bands, chamber orchestras, and numerous pit orchestras. Her first instrument was organ, and she also dabbles in playing clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, bass, ukelele, and piano.  As well as being the Assistant Studio Manager at Tree House Studios, Melanie is also a co-founder and CEO of VXC Industries Record Label, and also does musical instrument repair for woodwinds, brass, and of course, drums!

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